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The Alliance Française de Lahore (French Centre- Lahore) is hosting an exhibition of drawings titled “Lahori Bachchey” by Vidha Saumya। Vidha Saumya graduated from Sir J।J. School of Fine Arts specializing in Painting in 2005. After a year’s break during which she traveled, did freelance assignments and read, she joined Srishti School of Arts, Design and Technology in July 2006 to study Visual Communication Design. The South Asia Foundation Scholarship was a dream come true for her, because it enabled her to come to the city of Lahore. She is currently on an independent study Program at Beaconhouse National University.

She has been in Lahore for 6 months now. Being away from her own country in a new place made her conscious and attentive of what she noticed around her.
What distinguishes the children here from the children elsewhere?
She has tried to maintain the nuances of their identity. This particular age group of children interests her the most because they present themselves oblivious of the correctness of appearance. The naivety pulls you towards the stories that surround tem and engages you into a conversation with them.
This series is a conscious effort to express this place from her point of view demonstrating that these children have been her muse on a daily basis and that the worlds in which they lose themselves and the realities that they are aware of।

डेली टाइम्स में छपी रपट

Lahori Bachay sketched
Staff Reporter

LAHORE: An exhibition of drawings, Lahori Bachay, by Indian artist Vidha Saumya opened at the Alliance Française Gallery on Thursday।The work is mainly based on her personal experience of Lahori children. She maintains the shade of the identity of the children she has drawn. This particular age group of children attracts her the most, because to her, they present themselves oblivious to the correctness of appearance. The naivety pulls viewers towards the various stories and engages one into a conversation with the children on canvas. The work speaks volumes about those children who have to do petty jobs to support their families. Uniqueness of the work lies in the artist’s skill of capturing minute details of the figures। Embroidery on dresses, clothe patterns and even shoe styles are clearly visible. The artist has cut the paper in such a fashion that the focus is entirely on the figure, that catches the viewers’ attention owing to its subtlety. David Alesworth, an art critic said, “The work is a quickie, but interesting. All the work is done in grey scale and the drawings look like specimen. The artist has given the timing along with the captions of the drawings that give them a photographic look.” He said the work was illustrative and resembled caricatures. Former National College of Arts Principal Saleema Hashmi said the work was like vignettes. She said, “Each picture tells a separate story. A tip is given that can be developed into a complete story. Drawings are mosaics that combine to make a series telling an elaborated story of a city through its children.” Talking to Daily Times Saumya said, “My work is a series which is a conscious effort to portray the city in my point of view. These children have always been a centre of thought for me.”Saumya graduated from Sir JJ School of Fine Arts, India. She came to Lahore after obtaining a scholarship by the South Asia Foundation. She is currently on an independent study programme at the Beaconhouse National University. She has been residing in Lahore for the last six months. The exhibition will continue till March 1.
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